Week 5

Reflection Overall I'm happy with the end result as the time frame and turn around was difficult but I was able to complete it to a degree I was happy with. However there are a few things I would develop upon such as User Interface and eliminating navigation errors (displaying hotspots) to allow the user to visualise…Read more Week 5


Week 4

  Rational   I chose to research a contemporary topic, Greyhound racing in Australia. I was intrigued by this topic and found alot of current reports relating to the industry in NSW and Australia. With the data I was able to use a metaphorical approach in my design, which allowed me to create a narrative. This helped…Read more Week 4

Week 3

Wireframe I want to achieve a narrative concept by revealing the brutal truth behind the screen at a TAB betting shop / pub. Kind of like if you were a customer betting on the Greyhound's watching the screen. The narrative is then supported by the visual composition which allows me to use pan transitions and play with…Read more Week 3

Week 2

Data Visualization and Infographic examples. The following images are created by Pop Chart Lab which specialise in Infographic prints. I really like the depth of detail that is applied in these graphics. Although this maybe not be a direct influence to my assignment I do consider it a useful example to build a visual expectation.…Read more Week 2