Mid Semester Break

visual identity

Over the break I developed the visual identity for the Faroe Island app. I explored different type choices by pairing them with the logo. I thought ultimately that was the wisest choice because I wanted a typeface complimenting the logo and supporting the user with legibility and originality. After I chose Titillium Web as my top line, I then started to experiment with the body copy to create hierarchy. Some of the fonts I experimented with were San Fransisco (apple’s newly developed typeface), Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Cabin, Lucida Grande and Open Sans.

My final discussion was Titillium Web and Open Sans. I was very close to choosing the apple’s newly released font “San Fransisco” but found it too condense with the straight vertical apertures. I much preferred the up right feel of Open Sans.





Logo Development


I started sketching basic thumbnails to gather a visual voice for the logo. I wanted to base the logo around the geographic element of Faroe Island. Otherwise I was interested in the native animals that make Faroe Island iconic.

I would have liked to research/develop more thumbnails but I was running out of time. My final decision was heading towards the Sheep with the horns. Faroe Island is renown for there sheep wool. I thought this would make a good device to use for the corporate identity.













I wanted to develop a set of icons that supported the visual identity of the Faroe Island logo.




I drew up a iphone 6 in illustrator to check scale and placement of the icon. At this stage I haven’t locked in typography or a colour pallet.






I drew up a wireframe showing the architecture of the whole app for Faroe Islands.
This process allowed me to identify any icon/ transitional errors with the wireframe.




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