Week 4




I chose to research a contemporary topic, Greyhound racing in Australia. I was intrigued by this topic and found alot of current reports relating to the industry in NSW and Australia. With the data I was able to use a metaphorical approach in my design, which allowed me to create a narrative. This helped support the infographic by keeping the illustrations busy.

It was appropriate in my design to use Aviner as the main typeface as it carries great legibility with the wide geometric apertures, but also provides a humanistic approach to the design. Overall I felt like Aviner supported the visual voice of the topic.

The colour pallet consist of two colours Red, Blue and Black gradients. With the limitation of colour I was able to exaggerate certain elements such as keywords in headings. The Red was symbolic for the pain of the industry while the blue was a contrasting colour to represent the opposite meaning. Without having a large set of colours I was forced to build halftone and detailed lines to support the illustrations.

The UI is designed as a dock with common gestures and icons. Through-out the design there are basic interactions with the animated hotspots to enable information. The basic UI is aimed to make it simple for the user.


Invision Prototype
link: https://invis.io/798B1SK6A











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